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Why do I need a Title company if I have a Real estate agent or Real Estate Services?

A Title company’s purpose is to insure that you are taking ownership of property that clear of any liens or defects to make sure that you are the only one who owns that property so that no one else can make a claim against it later on. Settlement services are vital, it goes beyond who owned the property in the pass, and lets you know where your house sits on the property line.

It is important that you have a survey done as a part of the real estate settlement services to insure that you are buying a property that is built properly on a land where it is suppose to be.

You want someone in your corner that is educated about the legal documents that you will have to sign. You have to make sure that what the lenders, sellers, and realtors tell you are all lined up correctly.

That is why it is important to have a team of professionals around you to insure things are right.

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Integrity’s team of real estate specialists will ensure that the property you’re purchasing is free and clear of any title issues, and will thoroughly review mortgage and closing documents so you’re fully aware of the terms and mortgage requirements of your loan. We can also provide legal services such as clearing title issues and preparing deeds, affidavits and memorandums for trusts.